Benzyl Alcohol
Benzyl Alcohol
CAS No. :100-51-6

Product: Benzyl Alcohol

CAS No.: 100-51-6

Detailed introduction: It is colorless liquid with slight fragrance. After long-term placement, it has light methanal semen armeniacae amarae smell because of oxidation. It is easily soluble in ethanol, ether and other organic solvents and soluble in water. 25ml water can dissolve 1g benzyl alcohol. It can be applied for producing epoxy resin paints, paint thinners, ink processing, drugs and veterinary drugs, essences and perfumeries, perfumery solvents and fixatives, plasticizer, preservatives, surfactants. It meets the regulations of light industry standard QB2542-2002.
Detailed parameters: Relative density1.0419; content≥99.5-99.9%; refractive index 1.53955; melting point-15.4
boiling point 205.4; flash point 100.4.

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